IF 14-14 is a resin based, absolutely halogen free, no-clean solder wire.
In addition IF 14-14 is 100% colophony free which drastically limits the hazardous components in the fumes during soldering.
IF 14-14 solder wire is classified as RE/ L0 according the J-STD-004A standard.

Available standard alloys are:
other alloys upon request

IF 14-14 solder wire

Application The IF 14-14 should be applied slightly to the point where component, pad and soldering tip meet.
Add subsequently, without interrupting the heat supply, the correct amount of solder.
Recommended soldering tip temperature setting is 320°C-360°C (625°F-680°F) when soldering of more dense materials is required (Ni,Zn,…), a temperature up to 420°C (790°F) is allowed.


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